Anonymous whispered: do you guys make gradients too or no?

i do but i don’t usually use them on my charmed gifsets :)

Anonymous whispered: can you please make some gif sets of phoebe/jason i loved them together.

well they’re on our requests list and i’ll try to do it as soon as possible :)

Anonymous whispered: i really loved the psd you used in your last gifset with natalie and prue :)) also thank you so much if you can share that

you’re welcome honey :) here is the psd

Anonymous whispered: Can you share your coloring? :)

sure but which one do you want? i’ve been using different psds on every gifset i made so if you give me a specific post i might be able to help you better :)

color-coded prue ⇒ black

favourite Charmed guest stars

No retouching. Good times.