penddragons whispered: i miss your gifs :'c

i will make some when my exams are over.

Anonymous whispered: it was your gifset but do you know where i could find a gifset of the doors closing?

here :).

Anonymous whispered: Can you make gifs of the manor's door closing in every season please? btw this blog is awesome <3

sure :)

dobrevinwonderland whispered: Could you make gifsets with Phoebe and Drake?:)

sure :)

rickcastles whispered: i saw you'd like some piper requests so how about a first and last appearance of piper from each season gifset?

sure, i can do that :)

nickyw87 whispered: how did pheobevand cole meet? as i havent seen the first three seasons

they met in season 3’s first episode. they met at a crime scene and cole was the investigator and he asked the girls if they did see what happened. that’s how they met.

Anonymous whispered: Hi! Can you gif the scene in 3x08 when Cole says "I love you" to Phoebe?

sure :).